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All about House-Wash

This is who we are and what we do.

House-Wash is run by Chris Shapland – Chris has an excellent and growing reputation in North Devon for his efficient and effective house cleaning  services as well as a friendly approach to customers.

The technology

House-Wash uses professional high quality equipment to deliver steam and high temperature cleaning services.  Steam and high temperature cleaning is a safe and effective cleaning method that removes the risk surfaces becoming dangerously slippery and thus avoiding health and safety hazards.

Using heat, House-Wash can clean a wide range of buildings, surfaces, even ornaments and statues, removing unwanted substances and discolouration.

Once cleaning has been completed these surfaces usually appear almost new, significantly enhancing the appearance of any domestic area.


Are there any wall surfaces that you cannot clean?

We can clean most surfaces, even if you think it may not be possible. We are more than happy to pop out and see if we can help and advise on the best cleaning process for your property.

Does the cleaning treatment damage paintwork?

No – here at House-Wash our cleaning methods vary depending on the type and condition of every material. Using our experience and knowledge, we make sure the correct process is chosen to ensure no damage is done to the paintwork or your property whilst we’re cleaning.

Will scaffolding be needed?

No – in most instances it is possible to clean most two-storey buildings from the floor if necessary. We can use equipment such as ladders, or on very high buildings cherry pickers to access the hard to reach places. We normally only use scaffolding if it is already at the property, for instance if you are having other works carried out such as painting.

I have solar panels on my roof - is that a problem?

No – the roof around the solar panels can be cleaned and we can apply a roof cleaning solution under the panels to help breakdown, and remove the moss underneath. This ensures the solar panels are not damaged in any way and your roof will look great!

Do you need a water supply?

We do prefer to use the water supply at your property, but if this is not possible we are able to bring our own water with us.

Transform your property with our professional cleaning treatment
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